NUST Research Policies

The NUST Research Policy (2015) is the latest comprehensive policy for advancing research in the university. This policy covers a wide range of topics including alignment of research with national needs, university and departmental steering of research, internal and external funding opportunities, bridge financing and timely completion of projects, support for research publications, support for international conferences, NUST own journals and conferences, and incentives and awards for faculty and students. The policy also covers the appointment of adjunct faculty, Head of Department of Research, research associates, offering of consultancy services, and discusses faculty research performance evaluation and overall compliance of ethics in research.

Since 2015, several updates to the NUST Research Policy have taken place including amending the criteria of Best Researcher Award, increasing support for paper publication charges and awards, amending the criteria for international conferences travel grants, an elaborative NUST own conferences policy, a brand new NUST own journals policy, and more. These changes reflect the requirements of the time as well as are suitably aligned to national policies issued by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST).

To ensure academic freedom, NUST Research Policy provisions researchers to choose areas of research pertinent to their expertise, speak and teach publicly about their research on national and international platforms.

The following brief list links to the latest comprehensive policy as well as consequent updates indicated above: