Process for Handling Research Misconduct Allegations

Allegations of research misconduct are treated seriously and confidentially at NUST. Allegations are received both internally from NUST as well as from external sources. All allegations are reviewed promptly by the Research Integrity Office (RIO). 

The following is a flow chart on how Research Integrity Office processes the allegations of research misconduct received.

Details on how allegations of research misconduct received by Research Integrity Office are processed:

  1. Any research misconduct allegation received from within or outside NUST is routed to the RIO.
  2. A preliminary investigation is done by RIO based on the evidence received from the complainant. If required, they may contact the involved parties for additional information.
  3. If found a valid allegation, the case is put for further investigation by gathering detailed information about the case.
  4. A Research Ethics Committee (REC) is called on under the chairmanship of Pro-Rector RIC to investigate the case.
  5. After careful investigation by the committee the decision is made considering all the evidence. If found guilty, necessary action is taken up against the individual as per the REC. However, if the claim made is proven false, steps are taken to ensure the integrity of the members involved.