NUST researchers actively contribute to the publication of their research work in various forms including journal papers / articles, conference papers, monographs, book chapters, and books. These scholarly publications appear in the volumes of reputed publishers worldwide and in collaboration with national and international experts as well as industry professionals.

The overall output, quality, and citations of NUST publications has progressively grown which has led to greater impact, visibility, and also contributed in rankings. In 2019, there were over 1600 publications of which over 1200 were journal publications and around 1000 were ‘impact factor’ journal publications. The average ‘impact factor’ of NUST publications have also grown year-on-year for the last several years indicating the success of NUST faculty and students to have their research works featured in venues of greater citations / visibility.

Top Publications Perfomers

Top Highly Cited NUST Publication - Scopus

S.No Title of Paper Publication Year Name of Faculty Member Institution Citation
1 The CMS experiment at the CERN LHC 2008 A. Ali, A. Bashir, A.M. Jan, A. Kamal, F. Khan, M. Saeed, S. Tanwir, M.A. Zafar NUST 4737
2 Boundary-layer flow of a nanofluid past a stretching sheet 2010 Dr. Waqar Ahmad Khan PNEC 1147
3 Action MACH: A spatio-temporal maximum average correlation height filter for action recognition 2008 Javed Ahmed MCS 847
4 Strategies of making TiO2 and ZnO visible light active 2009 Shama Rehman SEECS 594
5 Strategies of making TiO2 and ZnO visible light active 2009 Ruh Ullah SEECS 594
6 Strategies of making TiO2 and ZnO visible light active 2009 M. Abrar Butt SEECS 594
7 Strategies of making TiO2 and ZnO visible light active 2009 Dr. Nasir Uddin Gohar SEECS 594
8 Effect of thermal radiation on magnetohydrodynamics nanofluid flow and heat transfer by means of two phase model 2015 Dr. Muhammad Younus Javed CE&ME 589
9 Photocatalytic degradation of organic dyes with manganese-doped ZnO nanoparticles 2008 Ruh Ullah SEECS 548
10 ICDAR 2015 competition on Robust Reading 2015 Dr. Faisal Shafait SEECS 387

Top H-Index Scopus

S.No Name of Faculty Member Institution H-Index No of Documents
1 Dr. Noreen Sher Akbar CE&ME 45
2 Dr. Meraj Mustafa Hashmi SNS 37
3 Dr. Faisal Shafait SEECS 31
4 Dr. Muhammad Mazhar Ehsan 27
5 Dr. Abdul Ghafoor MCS 23
6 Dr. Muhammad Arshad 22
7 Dr. Muhammad Usman Akram CE&ME 21
8 Dr. Saad Bin Qaisar SEECS 21
9 Dr. Amjad Ali ASAB 20
10 Dr. Mansar Sohail SNS 20