The creation of new knowledge is dependent upon research, and the relevance and usefulness of this research is dependent upon the researcher, his environment, and support structures in place. In order to develop NUST into a true center of excellence, it is imperative that research be rigorously pursued, supported, and suitably rewarded. The Directorate of Research at NUST is the focal point for research-related policy-making, guidance, facilitation, and support. The objectives, functional organogram, and list of functions of this office are listed ahead.


The Directorate of Research has been established with special focus on the following objectives:

  • To establish a culture of research wherein research remains an integral component of academic activities at NUST
  • To ensure that NUST research is relevant and sustainable in the context of Pakistan
  • To encourage and facilitate NUST researchers in obtaining research grants from the public sector, private sector, and international funding agencies, as well as facilitating the lifecycle management of these grants till successful completion
  • To encourage and facilitate NUST researchers for publication and presentation of their research work in quality journals and quality conferences, respectively
  • To support local efforts in development of projects, growth of journals, hosting of conferences, and alike
  • To benchmark, monitor, evaluate, and reward research work as well as recommend means to uplift research where necessary
  • To maintain efficient and productive communication channels with relevant ministries, funding agencies, organizations, and offices for the support of NUST research


Projects Section Functions

  • Conveying funding opportunities
  • Assistance in proposal submission
  • Liaison with funding agencies
  • Permissions for large procurement cases
  • Permissions for foreign visits (in a project)
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Research Audits
  • Project Closure
  • Best Researcher Award (NUST level)
  • Consultancy Cases
  • Exhibitions (Research Related)
  • Competitions (Research Related)
  • Processing appointment of HoD (Research)
  • Tracking performance (Schools/Colleges, FMs)
  • Managing Thematic Thrusts
  • Liaison / Reporting at various levels
  • Preparation / Revision of relevant policies 
  • Outreach

Publications Section Functions

  • Sponsorship of journal publication charges
  • Financial award for publications
  • Sponsorship of conference registration fee (internal / ext.)
  • Sponsorship for conference travel grant (internal / ext.)
  • Editor honorarium for NUST journal issues
  • Maintaining publications databank
  • Issuing / Maintaining “Turnitin” accounts
  • Plagiarism cases
  • NUST conferences (permissions, internal / ext. funding, etc.)
  • Membership Fees
  • Vetting of FM and PhD Student publications
  • Processing appointment of Adjunct Faculty
  • Tracking performance (Schools/Colleges, FMs)
  • Liaison / Reporting at various levels
  • Preparation / Revision of relevant policies 
  • Outreach