Seminars and Workshops Black Holes and Particles with Zero or Negative Energy


Topic of Research Seminar: Black Holes and Particles with Zero or Negative Energy

Abstract: We study properties of particles with zero or negative energy and a non-zero angular momentum in the ergosphere of a rotating black hole. We show that the sign of the particle energy is uniquely determined by the angular velocity of its rotation in the ergosphere. We give a simple proof of the fact that extreme black holes cannot exist. We investigate the question of the possibility of an unlimited energy increase in the center-of-mass system of two colliding particles, one or both of which have negative or zero energy.

Subject Field of Topic: General Relativity

Name of Speaker: Ms. Ayesha Zakria

Professorial Rank of Speaker: PhD Scholar (Mathematics Dpt.)

University Email of Speaker: [email protected]

Affiliation of Speaker: NUST School of Natural Sciences (NUST-SNS)

Date and Venue: October 12, 2022 at 1530 hrs, SNS Old building CR # 303, NUST Islamabad Campus