Seminars and Workshops Can Algae Empower the World and Combat Climate Change?


Topic of Research Seminar: Can Algae Empower the World and Combat Climate Change?

Abstract: With climate change and energy security concerns growing ever more relevant day by day, scientists are working hard to find solutions to reduce carbon emissions while addressing the growing energy needs in a more sustainable approach. Algae-based carbon sequestration is one of the most viable solutions to this problem. Algal-based photosynthesis allows removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and turns it into biomass and oxygen. The acquired algal biomass is energy intensive, and upon harvesting, can be utilized for the generation of various bioenergy options, thereby providing a green alternative to conventional fossil fuel usage.

This seminar is designed to impart a basic understanding of algae, its types, benefits as a biofuel feedstock, different methods for cultivation, and its applications in the domains of energy sector and wastewater treatment. The lecture will also explore socio-economic aspects and recent technological advancements in algal research. Continued studies in algae are expected to pave the way for future full-scale replacement of fossil fuels with algal biofuels as a sustainable energy resource while effectively combating climate change for the well-being of future generations.

Subject Field of Topic: Bioenergy, Climate Change

Name of Speaker: Dr. Abeera Ayaz Ansari

Professorial Rank of Speaker: Assistant Professor

University Email of Speaker:

Affiliation of Speaker: U.S. Pakistan Center For Advanced Studies In Energy (USPCAS-E), NUST

Date and Venue: November 29, 2022, at 1030 hrs – 1200 hrs, Lecture Hall, Second Floor, USPCAS-E, NUST Islamabad Campus