Seminars and Workshops Cathode Materials for Metal Ion Batteries


Topic of Research Seminar: Cathode Materials for Metal Ion Batteries

Abstract: Batteries store a lot more energy than capacitors for a given price, size and weight. Batteries maintain relatively steady voltage throughout the discharge cycle whereas capacitors linearly drop their voltage as they’re discharged. Research is going on to find new alternative materials for batteries which are far cheap and easy to handle but they provide better energy density.

MOFs are made up of metal ions and poly-functional organic ligands. They can be used as precursors for the synthesis of nano-porous carbon composites owing to their high BET surface areas, abundant metal/organic species, large pore volumes, and extraordinary tunability of structures and compositions. MILs are a subclass of MOFs which can be used for the synthesis of functionalized nanoporous carbon based electrode preparation. During pyrolysis of MILs under an inert atmosphere at a suitable temperature, the metal ions can be transformed to metal nanoparticles (NPs), metal oxide nanostructures, or both depending on the reduction potential of metal atoms present in the MILs, which are highly dispersed on or embedded in a ligand-derived carbon matrix.

Subject Field of Topic: Energy Storage

Name of Speaker: Rimsha Mehek

Professorial Rank of Speaker: PhD Research Scholar (Supervisor Professor. Naseem Iqbal)

University Email of Speaker:

Affiliation of Speaker: NUST

Date and Venue: 27 September 2022, 1100 – 1200 hrs, Seminar Hall, Ground Floor, USPCAS-E, NUST Islamabad Campus