Seminars and Workshops Design of a Digital Transmission System for Quantum Channels


Topic of Research Seminar: Design of a Digital Transmission System for Quantum Channels

Abstract: Quantum communication is an allied discipline of quantum computing, both falling under the domain of applied quantum physics. The area has found significant attention over the past few years as it has great potential in cryptography and solving large and complex mathematical problems. The underlying computing-based operations are quite different from classical computers as the underlying storage utilizes the concept of a qubit rather than a bit. Similarly, the underlying communication system utilizes the concept of particle nature of light rather than classical communication using EM-waves. The talk’s objective would be to motivate students and researchers toward developments in the area. The talk will be directed towards electrical engineering and computer science students in particular. The talk will also cover some aspects of an ongoing study on the utilization of BCH and Polar codes on quantum-channels.

Subject Field of Topic: Computer Networks and Communications

Name of Speaker: Prof. Dr. Omar Usman Khan

Professorial Rank of Speaker: Associate Professor and Canpus Director, FAST NU, Peshawar

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Affiliation of Speaker: National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences – FAST Peshawar Campus

Date and Venue: 20 September 2022, Seminar Hall, NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (NUST-SEECS)