Seminars and Workshops Energetic Materials and their daily life Importance


Topic of Research Seminar: Energetic Materials and their daily life Importance

Abstract: Energetic materials are a class of materials that contains both oxidizer and fuel in a mixture or within a single compound having stored chemical energy inside them. These materials are generally organic compounds containing nitro, azide and hydrazino groups in the molecules. Commonly, energetic material reacts in a fast way liberating huge amount of energy or force from condensed phase upon initiation or ignition. The development and the characterization of energetic materials is an exciting and emerging area of materials chemistry promoted by a worldwide need to either well understand the properties of materials currently used or merely substitute them, due to safety considerations and environmental requirements, while at the same time maintain high performance. Generally, these materials are only considered to be only used for military and destructive purposes. However, several materials, ranging from conventional explosives to green and/or insensitive materials at different scales are now available which have garnered tremendous level of attention from many research communities, military, and civilian applications since they are considered as attractive sources of onboard energy to produce heat, power, and gas. They can be commercially used in different areas like civil engineering for mining and tunneling, space exploration, railroad tracks welding and other number of daily life applications.

Subject Field of Topic: Chemistry & Materials Sciences

Name of Speaker: Raja Muhammad Asif Khan

Professorial Rank of Speaker: Student

University Email of Speaker: [email protected]

Name of the School organizing the Seminar: NUST School of Natural Sciences (NUST-SNS)

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Affiliation of Speaker: National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)

Date and Venue: October 6, 2022, 1400 Hrs, Classroom 205, SNS, NUST Islamabad Campus