Seminars and Workshops Executive Communication


Topic of Research Seminar: Executive Communication 

Abstract: This interactive session on executive communication is perfect for both college students and business professionals. Whether preparing for a career, launching a career, or advancing in a career, the savvy professional understands that every organization expects employees to be exceptional business communicators and ready to represent the core values of the organization. This session will provide individuals with a high-level view of executive communication and will be focused on key elements of communication by pinpointing the unintentional mistakes we make when exposed to different or unfamiliar corporate cultures.

The content is based on the speaker’s 30 years of professional experience working in a corporate environment in the United States and managing teams across different continents.

Subject Field of Topic: Guidance for Corporate Career

Name of Speaker: Muhammad Naeem

Professorial Rank of Speaker: Former GM Motorola

Affiliation of Speaker: International

Date and Venue: October 14, 2022 0230 hrs, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS) Seminar Hall, NUST Islamabad Campus