Seminars and Workshops From Hydrogen Atom to Physics Results at LHC


Topic of Research Seminar: From Hydrogen Atom to Physics Results at LHC

Abstract: The slides will target an overview of a very complex procedure starting from an hydrogen atom to various physics results at Large Hardon Collider (LHC). The LHC is an intricate network of various complicated machines synchronized together at CERN, Geneva / Switzerland, to accelerate a bunch of protons before they are brought to collision at four different points, where the dedicated detectors are installed to record these proton-proton collisions. The technological challenge is not only to accelerate and bring these proton to a collision point, but the storage of data and than to analyze the 500 / fb is a daunting task. The increased integrated luminosity and higher center for mass energy significantly increases the discovery potential and study in detail the various Standard Model measurements at TeV scale.

Subject Field of Topic: Experimental High Energy Physics

Name of Speaker: Dr. Wajid Ali Khan

Professorial Rank of Speaker: Principal Scientific officer

University Email of Speaker:

Name of the School organizing the Seminar: NUST School of Natural Sciences (NUST-SNS)

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Affiliation of Speaker: National Centre for Physics

Date and Venue: October 10,2022, 1530 Hrs, Classroom 205, SNS, NUST Islamabad Campus