Seminars and Workshops Future of Cybersecurity


Topic of Research Seminar: Future of Cybersecurity

Abstract: This talk will highlight the cutting edge trends and best practices in Cyber Security, foreseeing emerging cyber threat spectrum globally. Cybersecurity is one of the critical areas where we need professionals to counter 5th Generation Warfare and this talk will help motivate students to pursue careers in this area. Additionally, we can establish collaboration between the organization and NUST.

Subject field of Topic: Information Security

Name of Speaker: Hafiz Farooq

Professional Rank of Speaker: Senior Cyber Security Architect

Affiliation of Speaker: Saudi Aramco’s Global Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Date and Venue: October 27, 2022, SEECS Seminar Hall, NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (NUST-SEECS), NUST Islamabad Campus.