Seminars and Workshops Hands-on Experience of Synthesis Techniques for Nanomaterials

Topic of Research Seminar: Hands-on Experience of Synthesis Techniques for Nanomaterials


Dear All,

Team U.S.-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy at NUST has scheduled a 2-Day Workshop on Hands-on Experience of Synthesis Techniques for Nanomaterials from 2-3 November 2023. Please find attached the flyer for your information and sharing with interested individuals as externals can also attend. The workshop has been designed for fellow researchers, students, and any other individual interested in the subject workshop can also attend.

The workshop will comprehensively cover a wide array of state-of-the-art equipment and methods, including Physical Vapor Deposition (PVDs): Magnetron Sputtering and Electron Beam (E-Beam), Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVDs): Both Thermal and Plasma Enhanced Variations, Thermal Spray Techniques: Involving Atmospheric Plasma and Wire Arc methods, Nanofibers Fabrication: Utilizing Electro spinner technology, Wet Chemistry Synthesis: Embracing Sol-Gel and Co-precipitation Techniques, Electrode Fabrication for Batteries and Super Capacitor, Film Fabrication Methods: Incorporating Doctor Blade, Spin Coating, and Dip Coating, Heat Treatment Processes: Utilizing Microwave, Muffle, and Tube Furnaces and Materials Processing: Including Ball Milling, Centrifugation, Hydraulic Pressing, and Plasma Cleaning.

This hands-on experience will be of immense value to students, FMs and researchers seeking to gain practical skills in the field of nanomaterial synthesis. Our team of seasoned instructors will provide expert guidance to ensure participants develop a comprehensive understanding of each process.

*1 CPD point will be awarded to PEC-certified engineers after the successful completion of the workshop.
Interested individuals can get themselves registered at:

Limited seats are available for group discounts!

Please feel free to contact the focal person of the workshop, Ms Manal Arshad, for any relevant queries or concerns:

Phone: 051 9085 5268

Email: [email protected]