Seminars and Workshops i-Talk: Design Thinking and Ideation


Topic of Research Seminar: i-Talk: Design Thinking and Ideation

Abstract: The importance of design in realizing concepts and solutions cannot be over-emphasized. With new challenges faced by the global community and Pakistan in particular, novel approaches are the need of the hour. The topic deals with an introduction to design, its manifestations and the process of design-thinking with examples of how design has helped in shaping and evolving successful businesses around the world. By leveraging the power of trans disciplinary and systems-thinking strategies, the creation of holistic and equitable solutions can be ensured.

The talk enables an understanding of how various ventures can work collaboratively through the iterative process of ideation to bring about value and success to their projects.

Subject Field of Topic: Industrial Design / Architecture

Name of Speaker: Ar. Manal Abduallah

Professorial Rank of Speaker: Assistant Professor, ID SADA, Senior Studio Instructor

Affiliation of Speaker: PCATP

Date and venue: 27th September 2022, 1200 hrs, SINES Auditorium, NUST School of Interdisciplinary Engineering & Science (NUST-SINES), Islamabad Campus.