Seminars and Workshops i-Talks: Decision Making by Humans and Machines: Challenges and Perspectives

Topic of Research Seminar: i-Talks: Decision Making by Humans & Machines: Challenges and Perspectives

Abstract: Dr Siraj’s research interests lie in machine learning, decision making, and decision support systems. This event will be an interactive session to share some of his research projects with industrial partners, and to discuss potential areas of collaboration with faculty in NUST. Dr Siraj also provides consulting to firms for data analytics and decision making. Some of his recent projects involve the use of multi objective optimisation, dominance-based rough sets analysis, text analytics and multicriteria decision making (MCDM). He is interested in the theory and applications of MCDM wherein decision makers often struggle to optimize or satisfice multiple conflicting objectives.

Subject Field of Topic: Decision support systems; Machine learning; Data mining; Text mining; Multi-criteria analysis

Name of Speaker: Dr. Sajid Siraj

Professorial Rank of Speaker: Associate Professor

Affiliation of Speaker: University of Leeds, United Kingdom (UK)

Venue and Date: 25 August 2022 (1100 Hrs), SINES Auditorium, National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad