Seminars and Workshops Introduction to Walee Technologies and Seecs Walee COE opportunities


Topic of Research Seminar: Introduction to Walee Technologies and SEECS Walee COE opportunities

Abstract: Walee’s AI-driven solution helps businesses and influencers to market and sell products via social channels and Walee Shops. Launched in 2019, Walee has quickly become Pakistan’s fastest growing and leading influencer marketing and social commerce ecosystem, trusted by leading global and national brands with 10,000+ collaborations.

Subject Field of Topic: Industry- academia Linkage

Name of Speaker: Zain ul Hassan Khan

Professorial Rank of Speaker: Director of Technology

University Email of Speaker:

Profile weblink:

Affiliation of Speaker: He is a former TVF from industry at SEECS.

Date and Venue: October 5, 2022, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS) Seminar Hall, NUST Islamabad Campus