Seminars and Workshops Modern Trends in Geotechnical Engineering


Topic of Research Seminar: Modern Trends in Geotechnical Engineering

Abstract: This seminar will provide an opportunity for the students and the faculty to exchange ideas and experiences with invited speakers from the academia and industry.

Subject Field of Topic: Civil Engineering

Name of Speakers:

  1. Prof. Muhammad Farooq Ahmad (UET Lahore)
  2. Dr. Muhammad Irfan (CEO, Birudo Engineers, Lahore)
  3. Dr. Zia ur Rehman (Lecturer, University of Portsmouth, UK)
  4. Dr. Syed Kamran Hussain, Assistant Professor (National Institute of Transportation (NUST-NIT), Risalpur))

Date and Venue: December 15, 2022, National Institute of Transportation, Risalpur