Seminars and Workshops Pakistan’s Water Sector: Management Planning for the Climate Change Adaptation

Topic of Research Seminar: Pakistan’s Water Sector: Management Planning for the Climate Change Adaptation

Abstract: The impact of climate change on water resource are twofold: floods and droughts. Water management practices and policies for climate change adaptation provide the direction. Planning is needed for water management if floods increase or drought. Infrastructure planning is needed to save the population of the country from floods and super floods. The innovative solutions must mitigate the floods and droughts that have a grip on Pakistan’s river system. For aquafers near the coastal areas in the arid zones, desalinated seawater in the reverse Karaz system could be an innovative solution. Work must begin on the design of the Provincial Water Conservation Strategy. What is necessary is that new dams and canal systems are built; along with de-siltation of water reservoirs and repair and reconstruction of Barrage on the Indus River system. This planning process would need detailed technical (engineering; economic and ecosystems) feasibility studies regarding Indus River Water Systems.

Subject Field of Topic: Water Resources Management

Intended audience: This seminar is intended for the researchers and students, professionals, engineers, and managers from public and private sectors.

Name of Speaker: Dr. Seeme Mallick

Designation of Speaker: Professor

Email of speaker:

Affiliation of Speaker: COMSATS University Islamabad

Date and Venue: 22 September 2022, 1430 hrs – 1530 hrs, Seminar Hall, Institute of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, National University of Sciences and Technology (IESE-NUST) H-12, Islamabad, Pakistan