Seminars and Workshops Recent Trends in High Voltage Engineering

Topic of Research Seminar: Recent Trends in High Voltage Engineering

Abstract: The demand by increased population and industrialization and vogue of engineers and scientists are ever increasing facts that will induce the need of power transmission at higher and higher voltages. However, it is as complex and difficult to implement; as easy to write. The most challenging tasks associated with expected and unexpected high voltages are safety, insulation of all power apparatus and power lines, earthing mechanisms, measurement, control etc. These areas need to be researched on national level not only to achieve reliable power transmission but also for the safety and protection of human, environment and all power apparatus. Due to crisis for more than a decade in energy sector and power generation in Pakistan; research cannot be carried out by national power companies in the high voltage engineering field. The national level problems and modern challenges in high voltage engineering are the focus points of this seminar.

Subject Field of Topic: High Voltage Engineering

Name of Speaker: Dr. Abraiz Khattak

Professorial Rank of Speaker: Assistant Professor

University Email of Speaker:

Research Group Weblink:

Affiliation of Speaker: US-Pakistan Centre for Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCAS-E), National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)

Date and venue of seminar: 18th May 1:30 PM USPCAS-E Seminar Hall, NUST, Islamabad